RaceStar gravity team aims to collect all the top-ranking national downhill and 4x riders in Russia. In 2012 the team consists of 5 riders: NikolayPukhir, Vladimir Pulaevskiy, Alexandra Zhirnova, Valentin Popov, Ilia Bogachev. All the riders are members of the national teams, however, NikolayPukhir, Vladimir Pulaevskiy and Alexandra Zhirnova in 2011 season got enough UCI points to participate in WC series like individual riders (national jerseys no longer needed).
Our team takes part in all the major events on the territory of Russia and Ukraine, as they are the main races for the RaceStar team at this point of time. At the same time we participate in some World Cup races in Europe, European IXS cup races, and as riders of the national team in World Championships.

Career Highlights:
  • 6th - IXS swiss dh cup 03.07.2011 ("woman")
  • 2th - IGORA Bike Jam DH ("elite")
  • 1th - Russian Cup DH ("elite")
  • 84th - World Championships DH ("elite men")
  • 1th - Russian Championship DH ("elite woman")